Austria’s largest bio gas plant -                                 EVM Margarethen am Moos

Multi-talent bio gas plant

The biogas plant in Margarethen am Moos was put into operation in 2005. In addition to heat generation, the company built its own remote heating network for dissipated heat utilisation and then the first biomethane filling station with membrane technology in 2007.

In 2011. MethaPOWER founded the EVM power supply Margarethen am Moos - with shares of the previous members of the cooperative and has expanded the bio gas plant since July 2012. Here the performance capacity of the plant is increased to over 3 MW.

The largest biogas and processing plant in Austria in Margarethen am Moos
The largest biogas and processing plant in Austria in Margarethen am Moos

Technologies and processes of MethaPOWER:

  • Substrate management with intermediate fruits with the utilisation of secondary agrarian products such as corn straw and horse manure, while using a proprietary and unique mechanical digestion technology (POWER converter).
  • The largest and most cutting-edge membrane processing plants in Germany.
  • Creation of 5 million Nm³ biomethane for supply into the mains natural gas network.
  • CO2 utilisation, the generation of synthetic methane or utilisation within the biogas process.
  • Expansion of the “MP filling station"

This means that, for the first time, it is possible to produce biogas and biomethane decentralised and cost-effectively and regardless of market-price-dependent raw materials and to save them in the gas network!

These innovations are overseen in cooperation with partners such as the Technical University of Vienna and the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna.


All production processes, products and application possibilities involving biogas can be seen at this location. The plant location is simultaneously an integration platform. Here it is possible to offer different target groups such as students, plant operators, planners, designers but also the general public access to the bio-refinery.