Biogas desulphurisation MethaMAXX

MethaMAXX is a ready-to-use, liquid metal salt solution enriched with additives.


MethaMAXX is especially created for individual use in biogas plants, is supplied with consistently high quality and complies with the Fertilizer Ordinance.


Structure: Dark green solution


Active substance: 138 grams FE/KG – 2.57 MOL FE /KG


Density: Approx. 1.36 G /CM³


How does MethaMAXX work?


Direct Benefits:

  • Reduction of sulphur and ammonia to the value you desire
  • Optimises and stabilises the fermentation process
  • Improvement of the gas quality
  • Fermentation of chicken dry faecal matter special additives is always possible.
  • Easy handing with our dosing cabinets and tank plants

Indirect advantages:

  • Lower sulphur values result in a longer standing time of the motor oil and the active carbons.
  • It is no longer necessary to blow in air for biological desulphurisation.
  • Improved methane quality
  • An improvement in fertiliser quality has been proven.

MethaMAXX combines sulphuric hydrogen and also ammonia with a special blocker. As a result, process impediments in fermentation are avoided.




Approx. 1-3kg per tonne of substrate added Please contact us to determine the precise dosing quantity.



  • Filled 1,000 litre. IBC containers
  • Filling your IBC container with a tank car
  • Filling your storage tank with approx. 19,000 l with the tank vehicle