About MethaPOWER

One of the most promising possibilities of converting biomass to energy lies in the production of the “all-rounder biogas”. Refining this biogas and deriving bio natural gas or bio methane from it was the central driving force and goal MethaPOWER from the very start.


The acquisition of biogas and refinement into biomethane is one of the central areas of activity and offer the additional possibility to develop and implement sustainable energy projects.


Mission statement

The concepts of decentralisation, independence, sustainability and flexibility are central pillars for MethaPOWER in terms of its company philosophy and one of the prerequisites for its customers to be able to offer sustainable, efficient comprehensive solutions which are tailored to respective needs.


Why MethaPOWER?

MethaPOWER is an independent supplier of biogas treatment systems with membrane technology. In addition, as one of the few suppliers on the market, MethaPOWER can benefit from its own many years of experience in the operation of membrane treatment plants. In its immediate surroundings, MethaPOWER holds shares in treatment plants, allowing us to gain a precise perspective of the processes. These practical experiences provide the bases for constant further development of the key technologies and the optimisation of the treatment systems.